Comments keep a post alive, allowing users to subscribe to comments in WordPress notifies them of a new comment which is likely to bring them back to your site.

Subscribe to comments in WordPress is not a default feature but you can achieve this by simply installing and activating a plugin.

There could be many posts that can generate huge community discussion and many of your users like to keep updated, providing a way for them to subscribe to comments helps them to know about new comments and it provokes them to come back and get involved.

Allow Subscribe To Comments on WordPress Blog

To add this feature, install and activate  Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin, if you are new to WordPress then see How to properly install a plugin in WordPress. After activating the plugin go to:

Settings > Subscribe to Comments to start configuring the plugin.

The settings page has many tabs with options, go to Comment Form tab.

Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

Upon activation with the default setting will work perfectly on most website. However, you can customize more settings.

Enabling Advanced Subscription will show more subscription option like:

  • Don’t subscribe
  • All: Subscribe to all comments
  • Replies on my comments: Subscribe to replies on your comments
Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

Default Subscription Option

Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

Advanced Subscription Option

With this plugin, users can subscribe to certain comments even without posting a comment.

Clicking on the Manage link users can manage their subscription.

Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

How To Manage Comment Subscriptions?

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin has features that allow you and your subscribers to manage their subscriptions. The site administrators can go to Settings > Subscribe to Comments and manage user subscriptions there.

You users can manage their subscriptions from front end using Manage subscriptions page. This will be at:

Users who subscribe will get an email containing the link to this page so that they can manage their subscriptions directly.

Make Changes To Subscription Management Page

You can make changes to Manage Subscriptions page from Settings > Subscribe to Comments and then to the Management tab.

Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

Customize Email Notification

You can change the contents of notification email from Notifications tab.

Subscribe To Comments In WordPress

Wrapping Up

This a great and handy plugin to improve comment engagement and community discussions on your site. This plugin may not display the subscribe checkbox work properly with few themes, in that case, contact your theme developer. If your user is not able to receive emails then check your guide here. I hope this will help you add subscribe to comments in WordPress.

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    CommentLuv is also a free plugin that will more likely get readers to comment. And you can configure it too. Plus, it allows a backlink to a recent post!

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