This is a common question for most beginners; many people ask me to suggest a web host or to help them choose one, and recently I started using Quora and saw that many people ask the same question there.So in this post, I will guide you to choose a WordPress Hosting and hopefully suggest some top web hosts.

How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting

Unlike many other scripts, WordPress is a well coded and will work fine even on a free host, but when your traffic increases or if you use too many plugins then it can make your WordPress heavy, resulting it to use more resources. Suppose that you are using a few poorly coded plugins or an outdated plugin and you have activated a massive theme.When this environment is compared to a fresh WordPress installation, even a single visitor will take the resources of many, so if you are on a cheap and low end hosting server, it is more likely that your site will show an “Error 508.  Resource Limit Is Reached” page.


Meanwhile, if you are working on Dashboard, then it will use much more resources. There are many free hosts or unbelievably cheap web host that may lure you. I won’t say that it is unwise because experience is the best teacher. The however free host has to be avoided because you get what you pay for and as you don’t pay to free hosting there is now uptime guarantee and your site can be deleted with or without your notice.

Many startups who are low on a budget, look for cheap hosting, which could be a good start because your site is new and doesn’t have much time in the initial times. If that’s your case then I would recommend Namecheap hosting, see our review of Namecheap’s lowest plan here. Reading more here could change your mind.

What to Consider Before Buying A Web Hosting Plan


Web hosting should be your biggest concern, start ?before reading the rest imagine that you are about to build your dream house, from what will you start? Yes, you will start from its foundation or its basement. You are low on budget and somehow made a foundation for a cheaper rate and you are happy about it , so your house has been completed , you are living in it, as time passes and one day due to heavy rain , water starts to flood around your house and if your foundation isn’t strong enough then your whole house could collapse. Similarly, if you are on a low-end or cheap host , your site will collapse when there is a traffic flood and will lead to serious downtime.

There are many things to check before buying a web hosting plan, but only a few are the biggest concern, see them below:


RAM as you know it is applicable to the web hosting servers also, now just like in your smartphone/laptop/desktop your RAM will help your device perform faster by storing files that are currently being processed or something that is frequently accessed. Similarly, with more RAM your website will be more powerful. And if you are going buy a shared hosting, then you will see unlimited resources in their offers but there is nothing unlimited! A single server may have 130+ GB of RAM but you are sharing it with all other sites hosted on that particular server so you should be lucky to get at least 3 GB of RAM allotted to you alone. But many hosts have fixed amount of RAM usage for every hosting account. Many cheap hosts usually offer 1GB of RAM which is simply low. I would recommend you to buy a hosting package with at least 2GB of RAM. Web hosts use “Physical Memory” instead of RAM. Mostly they will provide “Memory Usage” details next to it, which will be much higher than Physical Memory but this is just to lure you, most non-techy people will assume that it is RAM. Actually, its a space allotted in your storage , which will act like RAM at the time of a traffic spike, but this not of much use.

Entry Processes :

It is the number of processes that enter your account. For example, every PHP page that is accessed by a user will usually generate a single entry process. Many people misinterpret this value as “number of visitors you can have on your website at once”. Whilst it is true that each visitor accessing a PHP page will spawn an entry process, these processes usually end so quickly that it is extremely unlikely that 10 will be spawned concurrently and at a single moment unless you had a significantly large number of simultaneous visitors on your website at once. SSH sessions and cron jobs also count as entry processes. Low entry process limit will limit the total visitors who can access your site simultaneously. This is not a big issue if your site doesn’t have much traffic.

Number of Processes:

This is similar to the above but includes all processes generated by the account rather than the specific PHP, SSH or cron jobs. This number is typically very low, even under high activity, as non-PHP tasks execute and complete even more quickly.

I/O Usage:

This almost like you desktop’s internet speed, if this is higher then your website can communicate higher and won’t be slow when there is more traffic.


It is a common performance measurement used to benchmark computer storage devices. I/O Usage (input/output) represents how much I/O (or disk activity) a hosting account is using. Any task which makes use of the servers disk drive (such as reading or writing to the server) will consume I/O. Reaching I/O limit will cause all processes to slow down (to within this limit) and take much longer to complete. Typically user won’t notice this setting ever increase unless s/he performs something disk intensive like generating a large backup of the hosting account.

Inodes :

In a Unix-style filesystem, the inode is a data structure used to represent a filesystem object, which can be one of the various things including a file or a directory. In other words, inode – is each file or directory associated with a hosting account.

Customer Support:

Even if you are a techy person or a beginner,  a good support service is necessary as there are many things that can be customized in your hosting account, but that can’t be done from your side. Hosts that provide Live chat and phone support are much better than the tradition email or ticket support providers.

Okay so buying a hosting plan that can provide these with increased limits will be a better idea. There are much more to consider, but that depends on your needs. Always be sure to check the tech specs and try their phone or chat support.

Recommended Hosts

There are so much web hosts out there that can’t be counted on your fingers, they have different prices, varying features and claims to offer the best service. But the point is, only a few hosts actually keep their word. I will be listing some web hosts that are recommended by us and other leading webmasters.

WP Engine

WordPress Hosting

If you can throw in some more money than usual and only want to host WordPress, then WP Engine is the best option for you. WP Engine offer managed WordPress hosting on their servers that optimized for WordPress. If you are with WP Engine then you won’t face any down time with their robust technology. Their plans are scalable and servers are extremely fast and powerful. They have their own cache system called “Ever Cache” which can make your WordPress site load faster. You can use the below link to avail a 20% discount on your first payment.

Get 20% Off Till 31/07/2016  Signup for WP Engine


WordPress Hosting


If you don’t want to spend much, just start at a cheaper rate but need the best specs , features and support then Siteground is your best option. They have managed WordPress and normal web hosting plans with lower price tags. They are faster when compared to other hosts , they are safer that they fix most host-specific vulnerabilities quickly and they offer faster and efficient support. You can use the below links to signup  for their managed WordPress or standard hosting plans.

WordPress Hosting   Standard Hosting



InMotion hosting is also known to be a good host and has many positive reviews online, plus they offer SSD drives on their shared hosting and that makes them stand out from others.InMotion offers standard support and more features for a little more than others. InMotion is known to have fast performance as they use SSD drives and has no monthly traffic limitation so this could be your best choice.

Signup for InMotion Hosting


WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting company that has been trusted and recommended by many webmasters. Unlike Siteground or WP Engine they do not have monthly traffic limitations and has good server performance. Bluehost also offers managed WordPress hosting and cloud hosting too. Moreover, Bluehost is a recommended host

Signup For Bluehost Hosting


WordPress Hosting

Dreamhost is more like Bluehost, they also offer managed WordPress hosting  and cloud hosting. They claim to offer better support and has I click installation for Let’sEncrypt SSL certificates and 100% uptime. Dreamhost offer 50$ off for WPDeve readers, you can avail this by visiting the link below.

Get $50 Off On Shared Hosting

Wrapping up

When choosing a host, make your decision wisely and research a bit about the host you are going to choose, try a free trial if available before buying. Then choose the plan that suits your needs. If you have any queries, just leave a comment below or use our forum. Follow us on Facebook Twitter , Google+ and subscribe below to stay updated .

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