Creating an android app for your WordPress blog is now a necessary move because most of your readers using mobile devices and they want to stay updated to what they love the most without compromising portability. It’s a lot to easier to create an android app online for WordPress these days using drag and drop type sites.

You may have stumbled upon such a drag and drop android app building site, designed your dream app only to know that you should pay a handsome amount to get that android app to your device. Here I’m gonna introduce an awesome website to create android apps for any website with a few simple steps. Also, I will show you how to create an app that displays all the latest posts on your site and notifies you when a new article is published.

How to Create a Free Android App Online for WordPress Blog

Create Android App Online for WordPress

To start creating an android app, head over to and sign up, then click on ‘Create App’.


On the next page type in the Application Name, Package Name, and Template.

create android app online

  • Application Name: The name of your application that will be shown everywhere.
  • Package Name: Package name for your app which is for identification purpose only.
  • Template: Template to be used for your app, using the blank template is better.

After filling these click on ‘Create App’ button.

Design App

General Page

On the next page, we can make some changes to the logo and branding. There are many such services like this wich will provide a free android app but I like AppYet because we get the app completely branded to us even on the free plan.

On this ‘General’ page we can add:

  • Application Icon: The icon which will be shown everywhere.
  • Notification Icon: The icon which will be shown in the notification bar beside the notification content.
  • Header Image: The image shown in the sliding menu bar.
  • Content Rating: Choose this is necessary if you plan to publish this on Google Play this simply adds an age warning.

Modules Page

Adding Latest Posts Feature

Now if you want to show all latest post in your app then go to the ‘Modules’ page and scroll down, on the ‘New Modules’ section click on ‘Feed: WordPress’ button.

create android app online

Then enter the menu name that will be shown as an option on the menu, however, the first module will be the one to show when the app is opened.

In this case, I have entered ‘Blog’ as the menu name.

Fill in the Wordpress URL field with your WordPress website’s URL with. After that click save.

On the next page, you can make a quite a few tweaks after that click on ‘Update’ button.

Adding A Website View Feature

This feature simply adds an option by which the user can access your website within the app. To add website feature, on the ‘New Modules’ section click on’Web” button.

create android app online

On the next page enter the Menu name and order. Menu order is used to arrange the module position, after filling it click save.

On the next page change to Web link from Web content.

create android app online

After changing it, on the next page enter the URL  of the website to be shown.

create android app online

After that click on ‘Save Changes’ and then click ‘Back to Modules’ link.

Further more you can implemet ads in your app and earn from it using the ‘Monetize page’. After you have made the necessary changes its time to buid your app and get it into your android device. For that go to the ‘Build’ page and there you can add What’s New box which will open after opening the app for the first time (this is an optional step). Then click Submit To Build button after a few minutes the build app will be sent to your email inbox ( the email you used to register).

Wrapping Up

AppYet provides a great and easy way to create android apps for free and that too without any visible branding. There are many other modules and features that AppYet offers, that are not covered here.

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