CDN helps websites perform much faster  by caching a website’s static like images, CSS ,js etc.. and stores them in the CDN’s network of servers that are set in different locations across the globe, so when a someone visits your site , your CDN will provide the static files from their closest server and thereby improves website speed.In this post, I’m gonna list 5 free And best CDN for WordPress.

Best CDN For WordPress


Best CDN For WordPress

When it comes to CDN, CloudFlare is the king as it does more than just making your sites faster. CloudFlare makes your site load faster, adds better security , DDoS protection , More server locations, Railgun , Rocket Loader , WAF services and a few more.. isn’t that enough for a website to fly ? well, I suppose yes. And you can even use their flexible SSL to secure your websites for free, see our guide here on How To Use Cloudflare Flexible SSL In WordPress. That was all about their services now when talking about their CDN service, they offer both free and premium plans.

On enabling CloudFlare, most sites perform more that 2x faster than before. You can use their HTML,CSS JavaScript minification to even fasten your site by reducing their size by 30-40%. However using that is more likely to break your site. We use Cloudflare at WPDEVE, and we love it.

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Best CDN For WordPress

Oh yes! I know MaxCDN is a premium service, but when if comes to max speed, MaxCDN is the best and undefeated. The reason why I specified this awesome premium service is because now they offer a free 30-day trial before you buy it. Or you can start with their Entrepreneur plan that starts from 9$ a month, which is commonly used by WordPress users and bloggers. Their starter plan offers 100GB monthly bandwidth and up to 2 websites. They accelerate websites to a greater extend, I have seen many other big brands like WPEngine,StumbleUpon and BuySellAds use MaxCDN.

So MaxCDN is definitely the best in the case of speed.

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Best CDN For WordPress

Incapsula is more like a Cloudflare alternative, they offer many services like CloudFlare . But they are proudly showing off some big brands are powered by them. They offer services like DDoS protection , website security, CDN and Load Balancer

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Photon by Jetpack

Best CDN For WordPress

As you may know that Jetpack is an extremely popular plugin developed by Automatic Inc, this plugin has so many functions and Photon is one of it. To use Jetpack you will need a account, which you can get it here and needs to be connected to Jetpack. When Photon is enabled, all the images and medias in your site will be cached and stored on servers. There is nothing much to configure other than enabling Photon.

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Best CDN For WordPress

jsDelivr is a CDN service for hosting JavaScript files. For a WordPress website, there are many Javascript that is slowing your site down. jsDeliver has a free WordPress plugin, upon installation all the javascript on your site will run on their faster network.

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Wrapping up

So now that I have specified about the 5 Best CDN for WordPress, it’s up to you to choose the best one for your site. For bigger and professional sites, CloudFlare,MaxCDN, and Incapsula will perform better. Thanks for reading, please share and if I missed something then leave a comment below.

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