WordPress, the best open source CMS comes with a few demo content and is not fit to start blogging right away. This is a beginners session and let’s see the five things to do after installing WordPress.

Five Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Here Are The Five Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Step 1 : Anti Dolly

By default WordPress comes with a plugin named ‘Hello Dolly‘ preinstalled , actually this is of no use to bloggers. When activated this plugin will display lyrics from Hello Dolly song which is most famously performed by Louis Armstrong, this will be displayed below the admin bar of your WordPress dashboard.

Five Things To Do After Installing WordPress

Source: wphand.com

Step 2 : Trash “Hello World”

“Hello World” is the first post made automatically upon WordPress installation and along with that, there will be a comment from Mr.WordPress. Just trash the post and the comment will go along with it !

Step 3 : Trash ‘Sample Page’

WordPress will also create a sample page as the first page , it’s important to trash the first post and page as it no longer required. And if not trashed then later it will also be indexed in search engines that will bad for your site’s reputation.

Step 4 : Permalink Structure


By default, WordPress uses ‘Day and name’ permalink structure which will make your post/page URLs look like http://yoursite.tld/year/month/day/post-or-page-name/ which not good for SEO, change to ‘Post name’ structure for more SEO friendly links. Popular SEO plugins like Yoast will suggest changing permalink structure upon plugin installation.

Step 5 : Start Caching

Source : WP Supercache

Source : WP Supercache

This an option thing to do at start but necessary when your WordPress site is in production, search engines only care for sites with low page load time otherwise a fast loading site so caching plugins like WP Rocket ,W3 Totalcache ,WP Supercache , Hyper Cache are used to serve static cached pages than a file/page/post generated by PHP each time.

This wraps the guide on Five Things To Do After Installing WordPress if you have any queries then leave a comment below or use our forum.

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