Broken links are a common issue in WordPress and to fix broken links on WordPress has never been so easy. Broken links occur when a link is pointed to something that is not existing or a when you mistype a URL.

The chances for a broken link to occur are high. Just mistyping a URL or you may share your offer affiliate links that can expire after some time and this will be considered as a broken link. On your Google search console, you can find the broken link issues user the Crawl error section. Or you can use sites like iWebTool Broken Link Checker or Online Broken Link Checker to check broken links online.

In this post, I will show you how to fix broken links in WordPress using Broken Link Checker plugin

How to Fix  Broken Links with Broken Link Checker Plugin

To get started, install and activate Broken Link Checker Plugin, see our guide on How to properly install a plugin in WordPress. After activation go to Tools > Broken Links

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

Now you can see a list of all broken links there.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress


On hovering your cursor over that, it will show some option like Edit URL, Unlink, Not Broken, Dismiss and Recheck you can use these option to fix individual

  • Edit URL: Edit and correct the URL.
  • Unlink: Remove the link from the text.
  • Not Broken: Mark the link as not broken.
  • Dismiss: This will hide the link.
  • Recheck: This will recheck the URL and fix it was a false notice.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

If you want to edit a broken link to something else, then click on edit URL and type the correct URL and click on the update button.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

How to Bulk Fix Broken Links in WordPress?

Bulk editing can save you time if you have lots of broken link issues with the same URL. To use Bulk fix feature, simply check the URLs that you can to change and on the top “Bulk Actions” drop-down, select edit URL.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

So that you will be presented with the edit URL options, there you can provide the correct URL and click the update button.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

As from the screenshot, I have mistyped instead of htpp:// so with this bulk edit option I replaced all the wrong URLs with the correct one in a few steps.

By default, only 30 URLs are listed per page so you can only fix 30 URLs at a time! Don’t worry this can be easily fixed by following the steps below:

On the top right corner of your Broken Links screen, click on “Screen Options” and it will slide down from that change “Show on screen” to a value that is comfortable for you and then click on Apply.

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

Wrapping Up

Now with this plugin you can easily find and fix broken links in WordPress, this plugin also has a feature to replace redirect links with direct links, use that with caution, it doesn’t create any problems but your cloaked affiliate links with we replaced and once replaced then you have to replace it manually again.


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  • Emebu

    Broken links almost killed my blog sometimes last 3 months, i used “broken link checker” to fix it, thanks for sharing this, i am inspired to check my blog again now after reading this.

    – Emebu

    • Arjun Chandran

      Well, it’s a great plugin that helps to save hours or days of work.
      Thanks for reading and stay updated.

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