WordPress is used by many people mainly for blogging, company website, shopping site and some for forums and all of these niches will have content and it needs to be accessible easily by search engines for faster indexing. Once indexed then you can get organic traffic from them if you have a demanded content. This is where sitemap can help, a sitemap provides clear links to post, pages or any such content and this will help the search engine to crawl and index your content faster. Now let’s see how to submit a WordPress sitemap To Google webmasters

How To Submit A WordPress Sitemap To Google Webmasters

How to create a sitemap?

Creating a sitemap is very simple and can be done by installing ‘Yoast SEO‘ which is a very popular plugin and you can download the install the plugin by clicking here if you don’t know how to install a plugin then see our guide on How to Properly install a Plugin in WordPress.

Upon installation activate it then follow the below steps :

  • Navigate to SEO > XML Sitemaps

How To Submit A WordPress Sitemap To Google Webmasters

  • Enable XML sitemap functionality and save changes, now you have created a sitemap, click on XML Sitemap button to see your sitemap. It will look like ‘http://yoursite.tld/sitemap_index.xml’

How To Submit A WordPress Sitemap To Google Search Console (Formerly, Webmasters Tools)?

Google webmasters allow website owners to get their website on google listings. To submit a sitemap to google follow the steps below :

  • Login to google webmasters using your google account by clicking here, if you haven’t added your website yet then add it and verify it.
  • After adding your website go to the Sitemap section and click on the ‘ADD/TEST SITEMAP’ button and add


How To Submit A WordPress Sitemap To Google Webmasters

  • Click the submit button and it’s complete now you have submitted your site’s sitemap to Google.

Normally it takes about 2-3 days for your contents to be indexed. It’s not recommended to enable everything in the sitemap, if you don’t want the profiles of all users on your WordPress site to be displayed then you can disable user sitemap. If you don’t want your categories or tags to be indexed then you can disable ‘Categories’ and ‘Tags’ in the taxonomies section.


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