By default, WordPress uses PHP Sendmail function to send emails from WordPress when there is new user registration, new comment, comment moderation request and so on. But some hosts don’t allow Sendmail function and many hosts put a limitation on how much emails to be sent per day/per hour/ per second and this can be bad if your site has a lot of members in it. In this case, using a third party SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) is very helpful so that you can send a professional email out from WordPress. Many premium STMP providers offer click tracking and advanced stats for email send through their SMTP service. To name a few, here are some popular premium SMTP  providers Sendgrid (My Choice and has a free plan), Mandrill, Mailjet, Mailgun. Or you can use your google account to send emails using Google’s SMTP, I will specify how to use Google SMTP at the end of the post. Now let’s see how to use SMTP mailing in WordPress.

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress - WPDEVE

How To Use SMTP Mailing on WordPress?

Choose your SMTP service.

Here choose a suitable SMTP provider according to your needs by comparing their plans and pricing, or if you are just starting out then it’s better to use a free service like Google SMTP or Sendgrid.

Sign up and credentials.

Now after register for an SMTP service, they will provide some information on using their SMTP, these are important. You will need to get details on SMTP Host, SSL or TLS Encryption, SMTP Port, SMTP Authentication details.

Plugin Installation.

If you have all these details then install and activate  Easy WP SMTP plugin (See our guide on How to properly install a plugin on WordPress)

Plugin Configuration.

  • Navigate to Settings>Easy WP SMTP.
  • Here you can see the settings of this plugin start by providing ‘From Email Address’ here you should give the email address that will be shown to the email recipient. All email sent from WordPress will use this unless configured separately on other plugins.
  • Fill the ‘From Name’ field with the name of your site or whatever that you want to show to the recipient.

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress

  • In SMTP Host field use the host details provided by your SMTP provider, similarly use the details provided by the SMTP provider in Type of Encryption, SMTP Port
  • SMTP Ports could be 465 for SSL, 587 for TSL or may differ according to the provider

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress

  • SMTP authentication is required for most providers and it may be your username and password with the SMTP provider. This should be inquired from your SMTP provider.

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress


After completing all this, click on ‘Save Changes’

Testing And Debugging.

Here you can test if the SMTP configuration settings you have provided by sending an email to any email address, like in the screenshot below

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress

If everything is perfect and working then the email will be sent and it will display a success message like in the image

How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress

Now this how you can set up SMTP function in WordPress now let’s see how to use Google’s SMTP settings

Using Google’s SMTP.

This feature is provided by Gmail or Google Mail use the below setting to send emails using Gmail SMTP :

  • From Email: Use what you prefer.
  • From Name: Use what you prefer.
  • SMTP Host:
  • Type of Encryption: TLS or SSL ( It’s better to try TLS as it works in most case )
  • SMTP Port : 465 or 587
  • SMTP Authentication: Yes
  • SMTP Username: your Gmail email address
  • SMTP Password: your Gmail/google password

This wraps up the guide on How To Use SMTP Mailing In WordPress, leave a comment or use our forum if you are facing any problems regarding this.

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