Softaculous is script installer which can be use to install php and JavaScript . Most premium hosting providers provide Softaculous for their customers whereas some web hosts use other such installers like Fantastico, but still Softaculous is loved by many including us as it offers more scripts , keeps all the scripts updated and has inbuilt backup facility for scripts installed using it.Now lets see how to install WordPress using Softaculous

Install WordPress using Softaculous

How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous ?

Installing WordPress using Softaculous is really easy, to install WordPress using Softaculous, login to your web hosting cpanel and check if you are provided with Softaculous ! It should be be under the software section or a whole section labeled ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ , or you can just search it. If you don’t find it then contact your web hosting provider . Many reputed hosting provider like Siteground , Bluehost , Namecheap has Softaculous. For this tutorial we are using ‘paper lantern’ theme in this cpanel

Install WordPress using Softaculous

Softaculous Apps Installer Section


Softaculous Under Software Section

Softaculous Under Software Section

If  you  have Softaculous in your account then follow the steps below :

  • Either  click on the Softaculous icon or WordPress icon to install WordPress straight away, as this tutorial is on installing WordPress we are going straight
  • On the next page you can see the basic information of the WordPress version you can install
  • Click on ‘Install’


Install WordPress using Softaculous

Overview page

Software Setup Section

  • On the next page under Software Setup section , choose the protocol for your site. Only use https if you have successfully installed an SSL certificate on your server
  • Choose the domain in which you want to install WordPress
  • And optionally you can create and install WordPress on a separate directly within the root of the selected domain

Install WordPress using Softaculous

Site Setting Section

  • Choose the name of your WordPress site, this can be changed any time after installation.
  • Give a suitable site description , this can be your site’s tag line,  this also can be changed any time after installation.
  • You can check ‘Enable Multisite(WPMU)’ to use WordPress multisite feature which can be used to manage multiple WordPress sites under a single WordPress installation or leave it to install the standard WordPress. Please note that converting a standard wordpress installation to multisite is easier and vice versa is lot complex, and both these conversion can’t be done via admin panel you will have to edit .htaccess and wp-config.php later to convert.


Install WordPress using Softaculous

Admin Account Section

  • Here you can choose the admin user name and password which you should use to login and manage your site
  • Enter a strong username and password, we strongly recommend not to use the default admin username for security reasons
  • Next enter your valid email address so that your WordPress can communicate with you in case if someone registers on your site or post a comment
Install WordPress using Softaculous

example strong pass , username and email

Choose Language Section 

  • Choose the language that your WordPress should use .

Select Plugin Section

  • This an optional step  ,however it is recommended to install the plugin ‘Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer)’ for better security.

Advanced Options

  • Here you can change the database name of your WP site,otherwise Softaculous automatically generates and creates database .
  • Next you can change the database prefix, which will also be a random generated name by default, its better to use the default on for better security.
  • Its better not to check  ‘Disable Update Notifications’ so that WordPress can send you email when there is an available update.
  • We do not recommend enabling  Auto Upgrade, Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins and Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes as at times automatic upgrades can break your site if there are problem with newer version.
  • Enabling Automating backups are good to help you restore your site back in case of a problem, choose it according to how regular you updates content on your site, if you blog daily then you might consider to change it to ‘Once a day’.Also you should change this according to your storage limitations on your web server.
  • You can change the backup rotation to a number that you like, if you have backup rotation as 4 and when the backup rotation limit is reached Softaculous will delete the oldest backup your WordPress installation and create a new backup.

Install WordPress using Softaculous

Select Theme

This an optional step, if you like any theme shown there then you can select it. However after installation WordPress has few themes pre-installed.

Final Steps

  • Before clicking the install button  you can enter your email address bellow the button so that you can get the installation details in your inbox
  • Now after reviewing all steps above are done correctly then you can click on the ‘Install’ button to start and complete installation.

Install WordPress using Softaculous

  • [Note: Please don’t navigate away from page while installation as installation may fail!]
  • After successful installation you will automatically redirected to a page giving the link to homepage of the installed WordPress and admin dashboard link where you an login and manage your site.
Install WordPress using Softaculous

Congratulations, the software was installed successfully

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