You are reading this probably because you are concerned about you WordPress site’s security, in this post I will be giving out some known and effective tips to Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website.

One of the reasons for WordPress being loved by millions is because it more secure than other CMSs available. WordPress is being developed by thousands of developers,but hackers and their skills are growing every minute. According to Forbes 30000 sites are hacked every day ! but not all of them are powered by WordPress. Get hacked can be the most frustrating in your online career, it will cost you your site’s credibility, get blacklisted by search engines like google and a huge drop in you traffic.Now let’s see how to harden your WordPress security.

Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website

Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website

It’s easy  to Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website to some extent with the tips below.

Never use the default Admin username

WordPress Security: Secure And Harden Your WordPress

Using the default Admin username on WordPress makes it easier for hackers to guess or brute force the remaining . Also don’t use your name or something that hackers can guess with social engineering . The WordPress default settings are main loopholes that ease hacking.

Use a Strong Password

A password is second but it’s the key, the smarter you hide it the safer your content.It’s funny to hear that ‘password123’ is the most common password of 2015. Using such a password can help a hacker to guess it easily and login to your account without your notice, then create an admin account for himself so he can come at his convenience and then inject malicious codes. Bring a strong pass that won’t be easy to guess. For example , you can make a strong pass with this method, ‘I Have a WordPress site,I love blogging,WordPress is awesome’ so that is a sentence that can be remembered easily, now you can easily make a strong  password from that too, like by using some letter of each word and using some characters, see what I made from it ‘ iHAwpS,I<3bLoGGinG,wpIsoZm ‘ and I checked its strength on and below is the result

Strong Passwords Made Easy : WordPress Security: Secure And Harden Your WordPress

Never Use the Default ‘wp_’ Database Table Prefix

WordPress Security: Secure And Harden Your WordPress

By defaults, WordPress uses ‘ wp_ ‘ as database table prefix unless you install it via script installers like Softaculous. Just like other WordPress defaults, using this can help hackers infiltrate into your database and then your site. Changing it to something else is better. Changing this at the time of installation is easier, in some case changing this after installation may break your site. However there are many plugins like iThemes Security , Change DB Prefix can help you do this  easily. We recommend you to take a backup before you start playing with your database.

Take Regular Backups

When working with WordPress we may spend hours on customization and in posting content and this can be lost in a few minutes if your site is hacked and if you don’t have a backup then you are left with nothing but to start over again, painful isn’t it . Similarly sometimes installing a plugin or theme can break your site and that’s why we always recommend you to take a backup before you do anything.For this, you can use plugins like Backup Buddy , but when you are hacked and has no means to log in to your dashboard then this won’t be of any use. So it’s better manually backup necessary WordPress files regularly. We will be posting on this soon, subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.

Always Use a Security Plugin.

There are limits for normal WordPress users to harden their sites, so using a security plugin will help a lot in the long run. We recommend using anyone mentioned below

Prefer SFTP or SSH


Most webmasters use FTP as it is a quick way to use and manage your website’s files. But it’s less secure and a hacker can interject your FTP connection and your passwords are not encrypted in FTP connection and this can be stolen away. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and Shell Access are more secure and encrypt the data transferred.

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Use An SSL Certificate

If your website has user login or signup or anything that receives user credentials then it’s better to use an SSL certificate as this encrypts the data transferred between the user and the server.


Use Themes & Plugins From Trusted Authors or Developers


There are many plugins that server different functions in WordPress, in fact, there are more than 38000 plugins and themes alone in WordPress repository itself ,many free ones on GitHub repository and there are lots of other premium plugins and themes. Many plugins are well coded , some do cause many problems while others can inject malicious codes or simple break your site.If you are concerned about security then only use plugins from reputable authors or developers also check  reviews by users.

Never Use Pirated or Nulled Plugins And Themes

Nulled themes and plugins are common now, but it’s unwise to use one on a production site. These themes or plugins can be a host of malicious  javascript codes, spam links and sometimes make your site highly vulnerable. Still you can use it in a nonproduction site and try it if you like it, then its better buy it cause then the developer may give you support and security updates when there is an issue.

Keep Everything Updated

WordPress releases regular updates with new features and security fixes, updating to the latest version keeps you more secure. Also, keep you plugins and themes updates to the latest version.

Use WAF (Web Application Firewall) Services

Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website

If you want some extra protection from hackers using fake IPs or from DDOS attacks then you a WAF service this serves as a firewall for your WordPress website and filters everyone visiting your site and check request before being executed and thereby prevents DDOS attacks.

So these are few ways by which you can harden you WordPress website, you can implement these to Secure And Harden Your WordPress Website and  reduce chances of being hacked easily.

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